Hi sweety-pies!
Two vids today on the promo-front, promo-back, and sides all over.
First, it's my Demo Reel for acting all acting-like but so naturally that it doesn't look like acting, it's just being! Represented by Liz Hampton at 2SG in Toronto and Jason Ainslie at Principals Talent in Vancouver. Reel made by filmmaker Heather Trawick who is wonderful and did a bang-up job as we looked at what those demo reel pros were doing and stayed away from the cheez (Outkast soundtracks, skipping records, swirling graphics)- she knoooows what she's doing, the proof is in the pudding. Let me show you why I should be some random guy in your 'project'! Yay!
Secundly, here's me performing stand-up at at Nick Flanagan's Joke Club at the Comedy Bar in February, 2010. As filmed by Craig Irving. It's interesting this bit. It was meant to be 'light' and 'conversational' until I realised that I can't see the audience one iota! It was harder to make contact, to act and react with my friends, the unknown people. Totally dark from the stage so my routine took them to darker and gradually angrier places then back again....