Hmm, I feel sluggish, no urges whatsoever, eyes droopy. Where is the charm? Over here? Or there?
Life is okay. It truly is. It's...okay!
When I face rejection I can go, well, I'm just not the one for this and if it's personal I can go, well, these people just ain't fit to fill the shoes of people who have accepted me, so what do I care! And I accept that.
Some things that I have forgotten to mention. I now have a Toronto acting agent, Liz Hampton at 3SG, who I got through my Vancouver agent, the amazing Jason Ainslie at Principals. So far, I scored an audition before the ink was dry and scored the role, it involves being goofy and being an ad whore, so the mantra for this was, "Get seen! Get paid! Get humble!"
FEELINGS, my fabulous evening of soft emotional sounds that included my midnite candlelight recitations is no more for the mo-mo. I had to take it and put it on a hiatus. Both it and the UNVEILING art event that I do with William Davison are looking for good homes. Feel free to contact me if you know or have such an appropriate venue.

The WET DIRT album is in the rough mix stage still, if you are or know of a prospective decent label, we'll gladly send you some songs. Because it's good. And you need it.

I am going to go outside for some air now.