Three Day Stubble in San Francisco

I highly suggest going to San Francisco on Thursday, July 4th to see a rare performance by Three Day Stubble. I have not seen them in two decades and I am excited to be opening as The Canadian Romantic. Three Day Stubble have inspired me so much. I remember a guy from Smegma standing next to me in awe at a performance in a jinkyard saying, "They're like Can meets Richard Simmons" but also oh so much more! Patterns and textures collide, the ancient art of Avi, blue flames in the dark, such catchy songs as Festival of the Wedding of the Seagoat. Plus Glands of External Secretion are performing: Bananafish Magazine was an early inspiration for me. It's gonna get freaky!

At the SF Eagle, 398 12th St, San Francisco, California 94103