La Troupe Grotesque

I am excited to announce that my extensively researched piece on La Troupe Grotesque, a wild and Glammy Canadian comedy duo with connections to The Velvet Underground, Frightenstein and more while taking some rather intensely dark turns towards the end, is up and live now on Nicolas Winding Refn’s website - and I am super honoured that the legendary guest editor Kier-La Janisse, asked me to be a part of it! This piece also has lots of rare footage and pictures so if you have any interest in comedy history at all please check it out. Refn's site really is something special with a new film added each month: this month features a new 4K restoration of Bob Clark’s SHE-MAN: A STORY OF FIXATION and there's so much more. It’s all free, you just have to sign up to get access.

la troupe 21.jpg