Hello. If you identify as a lady (no matter what your gender or if you gender) then I may just need your kind assistance and suggestions: "What would you, as a lady, like to see depicted in my art (or, more simply, art in general)?" I am open to responses but really do need to hear from non-female born ladies as well as I have not had any responses from them yet.

I have an art show in August at IndexG which I am entitling "For The Ladies." These will be approximately a dozen works on paper using pen and ink and water colours. I've been pretty deeply affected by the early 70s glam revival of art deco and will most likely be using that palette, ie. soft pinks and yellows and such (someone was asking me how soft pinks, et al, identify with, that's just colours I like right now, nothing to do with topic at hand, just like how it'll be pen and ink, just a b/g of what I am doing).

Though, visually my imagery will be dwelling more in the realms of ambiguity, I still have to ask, "What would you, as a lady, like to see depicted in my art (or art in general)?"

The subjects that I am portraying-ie.the work itself- is what will be most important and that's why I've asked for advice and dialogue, but I am not actively pursuing confrontation. Admittedly, once one gets into gender issues, it gets thorny. Is gender dying? I am straightish whiteish maleish, there's no getting around that but I am asking for responses from anyone who identifies as a lady, I do this without any form of posturing of machismo. I have a personal dissatisfaction with some elements of masculine culture. See, I do not readily identify with certain masculine tropes- are we binary? Can one dwell in the grey areas between feminine and masculine tropes?
I have had some ask me why the name "For The Ladies"? I simply can't call it "For The Women" for several reasons. I really believe that elements of masculine and feminine dwell in all of us, I want to be inclusive. If I called it "For the Women" I also believe it would be more suspect. If I saw a guy give a show that title I would really call his motives into question, I'd be wondering, "What's his angle?" And also, the show has a playful tone, my work is playful.
If you are shy or somewhat private, feel free to drop me a line instead with your suggestions.
Oh, and if you have an articulate opinion on this concept or think the concept needs further clarification, feel free to contact.
Feel free to forward and anyone who identifies as a lady.