Yes, some of this work posted on this site is still for sale. Grab it fast.
Yes, I am available for paid commissions.
Yes, I am very personable.

Lately I have been returning to the zine form and have so far made a trilogy of self-help art booklets for a new society entitled Y2K Compatible. Because I am trying to effectively help and communicate with the reader I have kept the prices deliberately low: less than 2 dollars. This is not a profit making endeavour but a matter of making the new world a better place. I offer up SYMBOLS FOR A NEW ERA, NEW FRIENDS, NEW FONTS,NEWER GODS, ETCETERA...

It is available for mail order from here:

In Toronto one can purchase them at:
This Ain't the Rosedale Library
The Beguiling (it is kind of difficult to find amidst all the other booklets so I recommend getting a staff member to find it for you)
Katharine Mulherin Gallery

In Vancouver:
Luckys Comics
And here: