Numerous comic reviews that I've written are now up at the legendary Roctober Magazine's blog:

They will be printed in the next issue of the magazine as well. For those not in the know, Roctober is a scrappy and fun music enthusiast mag from out of Chicago, a city that is very steeped in music and Roctober goes all over the musical map with a love of eccentricity! Lately they have expanded their focus to include more comics! Yay! Which means that I have been writing plenty of comics reviews for their last few issues. I really want you to click the above link as some of these comics really deserve to be known, there's some wild ones!


The new issue of Roctober is out now, this legendary longtime mag is on issue number 46!
I've contributed quite alot of stuff: plenty of comic reviews, Gordy Walker obituary, Kenneth Higney snippet, some illos (including the Stompin' Tom one shown here for the legendary Gary "Pig" Gold' appreciation).
Ish also has tonnes of stuff on trucking music, Flavour Flav interview by the legendary Nardwuar, illos by the legendary Plastic Crimewave, a Soul Train retrospective by the legendary Jake Austen, a JOE E appreciation by the legendary Gregg Turkington and the legendary Brandan Kearney, lots of COMIX, more....
I am honoured to be a regular contributor to this fine mag!
Where can you purchase this? It's tuff in Canada. If ya know of stores that do or want to carry it, or if you want to buy a copy yourself (pretty inexpensive)GO HERE:

Speaking of Joe E, this CD reissue is incredible! Go here:

I am in love with it!Unfortunately I was working a crap dish-washing job where I the place was bought out and the staff let go! I showed up for work and, not only was there no work, half of my CDs were chucked out- including my JOE E! I sure do miss that CD....