FEELINGS plays all Scott Walker

A friend was surprised that I was playing all Scott Walker this Sunday because he knew I was not in a good state. He's right. I'm not. I am pouring coffee down my gullet hoping it will help. Weekends are the worst because I am more alone than ever with less distractions. Right now, this very moment, is awful, maybe it'll pass, maybe my emotional state is running tandem with the allergies. Has the sadness drifted into depression? Shouldn't I have found a way to not let this happen, to be resilient? I keep asking myself, "What's the use of it all?" Yet there's a part of me that's causing me to go on this blog to promote an event this Sunday. Is survival part of the human virus? The same thing that makes me know this feeling will pass soon, maybe even later today, the same thing that makes me think I need pills again, like the kind I took some years ago? Lots of people take pills. Anyways.
Lots of people listen to Scott Walker. And it can be heavy, but people all sitting in a nice establishment listening to Scott Walker together is a nice thing. Because being alone with one's thoughts can really suck sometimes.

Here's the info:

The Ossington (61 Ossington, Toronto)
Sunday, November 8, 2009- 9 PM Sharp it starts!
With D.J. Body Beautiful and a midnight candlelight night recitation by Robert Dayton, Junior

We here at FEELINGS once heard tell long ago of a magical bar in Frisco that only played Scott Walker. It sounded like heaven to us.
Can't think of a better thing to listen to on a Sunday than Scott. Scott 2. Scott 3. Scott 4. Scott more as we listen in chronological order to this literate acid laced crooner covering Brel and singing of the cinema moving up through the decades to his more recent and challenging work. Listen as his voice actually gets higher as he ages! Why, that's inhuman. No no, it's very human: it's Scott. Tilt your head and drift to the voice of The Electrician as the band comes in. What will this musical climate be? Of Hunter.
Sunday Nov. 8th

Bask in them....
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