updated stuff

I totally forgot to mention that Pagelicker won a National magazine Award for our interview with Irvine Welsh! Yayyyy!
See that pic? That's me and Sipreano delivering the freshly pressed Points Gray LP to Zulu Records in Vancouver. He wrote the liner notes and there's also a download code and an art & lyric booklet by me and Julian Lawrence printed with blue ink on grey paper at Colour Code. 500 copies!!!
In Vancouver it is also available at Neptoon, Red Cat, AudioPile, Dandilion, and more!
In Toronto it is at June, Soundscapes, LP's LPs, Kops, and more!
You can order it and Balls Boogie through Tedium House/Revolver distribution who are the best:

Recommended for people who enjoy music.
The Canadian Romantic winking photos are still available on Etsy, at Magic Pony (target market: young women) and Eyesore!
Ohhh and WFMU played Points Gray the other night! Love that station, so good!
Let me even things up with some bad news: I'm a narcissist in the wilderness.