Nomination/Marty Topps/recording/love

Nominated for Best Video at National Magazine Awards: Pagelicker 01: Irvine Welsh! I don't know what that means but people are excited and so it is, therefore, exciting!
Pagelicker 01: Irvine Welsh from Hazlitt on Vimeo.

Performing as  a Pastor at this final Marty Topps House party show Saturday night! I will be sermonizing and i will be singing:
The Canadian Romantic (with Marker Starling, produced by Nyles and Justin) and New Horizzzons recordings (produced by Alaska B from Yamantaka // Sonic Titan) are coming along reallllly well! NEW HORIZZZONS hasn't even played live yet but we will soon!
I have been tweeting a LOT! Feel free to follow me:
@TheRobertDayton on Twitter
I will be moving to Kitchener-Waterloo in September for the M.F.A. program. Anyone have leads on best way to move and places to live, pllllleeeease let me know! I have a cat. No potential beer bong style room mate situations please.