Final week for Points Gray

We are currently undergoing a campaign to get the Points Gray album by Robert Dayton, Dan Bejar, and Julian Lawrence released. There's just one week left to see if it will/will not happen. And we've added new perks! Twenty dollars gets you the album (vinyl with MP3 downlaod code) for pick up (in Toronto and Vancouver)! Consider it as being like a pre-sale. There's even a foot massage!
If interested, please click on the link below for more info and to pledge and if you could share it with and pass it on to any potentially interested parties that would be truly appreciated.:
You can hear a couple of tracks here as well:
This is a moody distinctive album from around the turn of the century that has never gained full, proper release before. It's an album that the three of us are quite proud of and want to find its' audience. With this LP Robert, who is also a visual artist,has designed a brand new cover, it will come with a lyric and art booklet, and it will finally receive quality mastering done by Josh Stevenson who had previously mastered such things as a Destroyer reissue and the second July Fourth Toilet album as well as recording such acts as Sex Church. With liner notes by music writer and archivist Kevin "Sipreano" Howes.