This seems currently apropos for vancouver. July Fourth Toilet's cover of Destroyer's Riota into Wings' Jet:

Speaking of July Fourth Toilet and Macca: July Fourth Toilet- The White Album cassette
From 1994, July Fourth Toilet’s version of The White Album. Our 1st release, previously only on cassette, before we played live, different and much more difficult than our other stuff, but still pure Toilet. Some folks in Frisco used to drop acid to this. I dare you to listen to it in one sitting!

As well, the Gonzales' movie Ivory Tower that I am in plays Friday at 2 PM at The Toronto Underground Cinema:

If you are in Berlin, my Y2K Compatible zine is sharing shelf space with Becky Johnson's at Wunderkabinet which is as Becky states, "a now-travelling series of themed contemporary curiosity collections that sets in in instalments around berlin's art and craft sphere. it is all curated and maintained by leah buckareff. The current incarnation is housed at etsy's berlin/international headquarters in a modular construction called 'the turtle'. I hear there is an arm chair there and possible some floor cushions to support comfortable and easy literary perusal."