July Fourth Toilet Rock n Roll Show Nov 13th, 1998

July Fourth Toilet Rock n Roll Show Nov 13th, 1998 Some folks on here didn’t know me in the olde days and wonder what I was like…heh heh…here’s one of the worst. Enjoy! Rated PG. The nudity has been blurred.

The insufferable frontman gets so drunk that he has a black out on stage. One of the messier July Fourth Toilet shows.
Their next show was an Apology show, a romantic pop set that apologised for this one with a fruit basket and corsage for one lucky audience member (Evan Symons).

For those not in the know, July Fourth Toilet is an act we formed in 1994 in Vancouver with a mandate of no 2 shows the same, this show’s theme was Rock n Roll. Almost all songs had Rock in the title except for Henske/Yester’s Snowblind et al…this was a more pared down line-up, vids currently on YouTube and future YouTube posts will show some different folks in the band. Our last shows were at The Vancouver Art gallery and Pub 340 for our 2nd album Balls Boogie (available through Art Metropole’s site click here )…we will play again one day.