FEELINGS presents: Children's music edition, Tuesday May 24th!

TONITE! 9 pm- 1 am! sooo excited!
My collection of children's music is simply too large so I have selected the WILDEST stuff !!!!
There'll be cookies plus: a midnite candlelight Recitation by The Canadian Romantic!

Robert Dayton Junior presents: FEELINGS: Children's Music Edition
Yes, we will be getting way out and into the dementia of old Children's records with their technical innovations, free expression, and even their curious religious viewpoints!
Note: RAFFI free zone!
DJ Body Beautiful will spin the electronic wizardry of Raymond Scott and Bruce Haack; the production wildness of Spike Jones and David Seville; the charming grace and wit of Jim Copp and Ed Brown; the shoddy, drunken puppetry of Funtown; the fuzz guitar super hero themed explosions of The Super Dupers; the Christian country Chipmunks rip offs of Floyd Robinson's Charlie The Hamster and friends; the bubblegum glam of Rock Fantasy and Clyde The Guitar Playing Elephant; the anti-abortion messages of Little Marky...and more!

Note: this event is 19 and over, children shouldn't hear some of this music anyways...it's disturbing (especially Little Markie)
Projections and Prizes by Eyesore Video!
No cover but blankies!