Tonite (Saturday Feb 26 at Dbl Dbl Land, 209 Augusta) I'll be the host of a bar called "YESTERDAZE" for a celebration of the release of young mother's limited edition cassette, "collected works for solo piano"

This newest (it doesn't even exist yet), hottest club in toronto, "YESTERDAZE" is opening for one night only before it closes to make way for a waste disposal plant.

preemptively pegged as "the most authentic vintage experience of 2525", by none other than cultural icon/cartoon wizard walt disney, who has been freshly revived from cryogenic stasis for this very event.

in an effort to enhance your clubbing experience, there will be free nutritional supplements available throughout the evening.

this is not an evening to be missed.

featuring performances by:

nick flanagan

half automaat (carl didur)

huckleberry friends

young mother

environment by:

xenia benivolski
joele walinga
augustina saygnavong
jesse james laderoute

drinks by:

juliann wilding