The Canadian Romantic Episode Two

Filmed them in a row, working up a glow...
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With all projects I say of late, "What's the use?" then all of a sudden put a new vid up once a week. Something is driving me. Friday night, I was cornered by a friend who started talking about me being esoteric with a limited audience. I did not bring the topic up, I just wanted to have a good time at a show, take my mind off of my problems. I became depressed (aren't I always? this is the first heaaaavy break-up where I did not choose the meds: wise decision?). He saw that I was becoming depressed. He kept on talking. A woman wanted to say goodbye to me and apologised profusely for interrupting, my eyes said, "Rescue me from this." Finally my bladder spoke an interior monologue and I dashed to the WC for my freedom.

Saturday, I did as little as humanly possible (Friday night's conversation stuck with me).

Sunday, I attended a group art show of which I am a part, Index G, large prints made and for sale. A fellow artist was telling me how this may be the wrong city for him as well and he's had astological cartography to prove it! In New York City, people like Roy Scheider -fresh from tennis and with a much taller woman- would come up to him thinking they knew him (Buck Henry as well). I may need to do this astrological cartography.
Then I attended a launch for a book of which I am a small part, I co-conducted a lengthy Kim Deitch interview:

I had bitten my tongue, the very tip, and felt it all last week. Healing now. Sore throat today. Home from work. Nothing will get done. It's nap time.

Lately I've been thinking, "These may be my lost years."
Then I think, "Naw, I landed a role in an office supply commercial."

Please do not respond by saying, "I saw that!" Granted the more it runs, the more money I make and it was a real hoot to shoot. The following video is more meaningful, but perhaps it is far more esoteric than whoring laptops to the masses...