Thanks to my pal Serena giving me a heads up,I was able to piggyback on to dapper musician Henri Faberge's slot with him and a couple other fine people who I'll be meeting very soon and get in on singing a couple of songs for a Nilsson trib show happening Sunday,May 2nd at the Magpie (831 Dundas St. West),you know how much I love the Nilsson and love to pay tribute to the Nilsson (this'll be the third one I've been involved in...seriously:Kier-la Janisse did one a few years ago in Vancouver at the Blinding Light where she played The Point and Canned Hamm performed with kotexes on our heads ala Lennon & Nilsson's Lost weekend and Destroyer played along with other fine acts, and I DJed an all Nilsson night at FEELINGS a coupla months back, I wonder how many Nilsson tribs there's been around the world? I mean, his back catalogue is so rich,there should be weekly Nilsson). I wish I knew more (in everything) for details on this night but I think it's at 8:30 or 9 PM and there's lots of acts.

In other news: I have some drawings to make but I lost my pencil- damn! Gonna have to freestyle nib and ink it! I wish David Lee Roth was here, he's the kind of fellow who always brings his pencil, he just needs something to write on. Reminder:buy pencils.