My Favourites Thursday, March 5th

Folks, I was a planner on this event and will be performing:

a few of...
My Favourites
...and soon to be yours
An ivory evening of silly-sophisto comedy with Chris Locke, Jon McCurley, and Robert Dayton

Thursday, March 5th, 9 PM, 5 Dollars
Double Double Land (209 Augusta Avenue)

Yes, my dears, with My Favourites we're breaking through the upper crust by diving delicately and forcefully into the funny bone.

With elegant hosting by Carly Ogonek.
We'd love it if you dressed pretty for us because we're serving hors d’oeuvres as prepared by chef Alex Napier. It's always a good year!
Will there be live organ music? Yes, there will be live organ music. The kind that tinkles as performed by Carl Didur.
And sophistication by Gwen Bieniara.
If you are the very first special person to arrive at MY FAVOURITES you will receive one long-stem red rose and preferred seating of your choice (doors: 8:30 PM).
You may have heard of Chris Locke, Jon McCurley, and Robert Dayton and all of their philanthropic endeavours involving laughter. It's true. Everything is true. But the only thing that will hurt will be your sides. Your best sides, that is. Show it to us. Mmmm. You smell good. Is it natural? Smell you at MY FAVOURITES. Looking forward.