Last FEELINGS ever... or just for July?

With D.J. Body Beautiful and a midnight candlelight night recitation by Robert Dayton, Junior

Yes, this is the last Sunday. For our trial basis or for good? YOU decide! If it ends, it ends but use the money you save on cover for that bottle of scotch that is on the top shelf of The Ossington this Sunday. It all comes down to sales. For love. And honour.
For this possibly final night I will be spinning a special set of songs about France! Love letters from afar! Ever been? Never but why go when you can get the sensation here for cheaper than rare cheese.
I will also be selling the latest edition of my self-help booklet Y2K Compatible for just 2 dollars.
What happens at FEELINGS? See minutes for July 19th from our Facebook group and printed below...
Bask in them....
FEELINGS is a special night where we spin music that you probably won’t normally hear. A boutique mix of :
With a midnight candlelight night recitation by Robert Dayton, Junior
This will be ...special.

July 19th MINUTES:
Smoke machine had fresh juice and long stem roses abounded thanks to Jubal, Anna Mae set up the Jesus lamp, "Leave Her To Heaven" and "Shock Corridor" were projected thanks to my special guest DJ Dorleac whose fine mix of music included Heino, Petula Clark's version of Rain, my fave Bobby Darin song, a great Honeycombs B side, some intense Bollywood, and the soundtrack to the Cook, His Thief, Her wife, Her Lover- a movie that Dorleac does not like but is warm towards the music.
A special lamp was set up by Jubal for heightening effect during my Recitation. Lorenz turned it on. I thanked all for coming then took requests for topics. Gwen quickly suggested self-esteem , probably knowing full well that it was my battle that week due to my posting my insecurities on Facebook. I suggested means to raise self-esteem such as putting self-esteem in one's Day planner everyday at 6 Pm so that after sleeping for 16 hours one could feel better, hop in the shower, and scrub using the personally monogrammed loofa with the word "Smile." A small table of -er, i hate to judge- jockish looking people got strangely scared by my low-key Recitation and fled looking like their masculinity was threatened. For shame, as the recitation ended shortly after, maybe they'll be back. For Gwen's suggestion she received a long-stemmed rose. It truly was her night as last week she requested some Laura Nyro and The Poppy Family. I had found some Nyro on the street this very day for 50 cents! I brought my autographed Poppy Family in as well, such a perfect album, I could have played the entire thing!
For music, I kicked off with "To you with love", a Canadian Rod mcKuen-like album of recitations with dandy synths, LP given to me by Kevin Howes- and , yes, a single rose is on the beige cover. Then into selections from "Never Talk To Strangers" described as "A MUST FOR EVERY PARENT AND CHILD" , comes with colouring book, I played some scenarios and the song "Being a kid isn't always easy" sung by a mournful child. Then into The Beach boys' Still I Dream Of It, their most intensely touching ballad from their unreleased Adult Child album. "Don't Forget me" by Nilsson makes me feel the same way, it makes me cry. Ebo Solmaz- Vancouver by Night. Pretty much half of The Sweet- Level Headed album including a very synthy instro and "Love Is Like Oxygen."Metro- Criminal World, Francois Hardy- Chanson Noire (from her early 70s one night stand themed album), Lou Reed- the Bed, Les Baxter- Hate (from "The Passions"), Porter wagoner- Comes and goes, the Geraldine Fibbers-Get Thee Gone, Moby Grape- Horse Out In The rain, Terence Trent D'arby- To love Someone deeply, The Kinks- Morning Song, Suzanne- Shendah, Scott Walker- Dealer, Boudewijn de Groot- De reiziger, The Mauriora Maoris- A Million Stars, Milan Kymlicka- If I Let you Go, The wandering Stars- I'm Posion, Lucien hetu- Steppin Stone, The monkees- it's Not too late (from their 90s album JUST US), The Soule Setters- Cecil, the unwanted French fry, Think- Once you understand,Rosemary collins- Nevernding Love For You, Willie wilson- Before the next teardrop fall, Bobby Brown- Lonely boy No More, Jim Copp and ed brown- The duck, the tiger, the shrimp and the owl, Louis nye- heigh ho Steveo...and we had a special guest crazee rap by that guy people see all the time....