I have so much exciting stuff to write about but no time as looking for work is a full-time job (that doesn't pay) and I am going to Montreal with my hotttt new bannnd!
If yer there friday night (early show- 9 PM, over by midnite) come say hello!
Press release and crazee nature style poster follows!

Friday, may 15th 9 PM
Bar St Laurent 2
5550 Boul st-Laurent, montreal
5 bux

WET DIRT is a four-piece band that plays hard rock with just enough roll to make it curdle, throw in some softer songs for the ladeez, and it makes every body feel good! A hook-laden sweaty slab of meat with a third eye fixed on you. SUPER DUPER MELODIES/GRIMY DISTORTION/BIG BOTTOM END/SNAKE CHARMING CHARISMA. Songs about invalids, redemption, hot beige, hot pink....
They reside in Toronto, Canada.
Line up: Robert Dayton (Canned Hamm, July Fourth Toilet, Hallmark): vocals, Robin Fry (Rozasia, The Miniature Pancakes Band, Permafrown): guitar, Tobey Black (The Gay, MAOW): drums, Simon McNally (Simon): bass.

Evan Symons is currently touring Canada in support of his new CD "Death and Other Subjects" on his "Step and a Half" label. For over 25 years, his confused artistic path has taken him on a variety of missions that have included off-time geek prog, folk and varying forms of electronic almost-pop. His show includes video and still projections of the Canadian landscape by Evan and Sheena Black.

Rivers And Mountains remain faceless as possible at all turns.