Hi folks....

I am presented in the folio section of the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine (issue 43). These are some of my Fantasy Beards.
I have to think about my next series. Are Fantasy Beards pure escapism and is that such a bad thing? I don't want to be all Synechdone, New York but I feel that I should strive for some sort of meaning. Hmmmm. Or is unhindered creative expression enough with the social commentary leaking out naturally? I did want the beards to be a less stereotypically masculine force, to have identity shifts be fluid and lucid and that ain't no bad thing!

Okay okay. Also I have a very long interview with Neil Hamburger in the latest issue of Hunter and Cook art magazine. We touch on the value of art and entertainment in a recession and lots more! It launches Friday, May 8th 7-12 PM at
M6J 2Y8
416 588 3500

The ish also features art by a collaborator from that July Fourth Toilet band I'm in: Shayne Ehman, and many others, and the launch is also for an art show by the guitarist from that WET DIRT band I'm in, Robin Fry.

The image here is for a night that just happened. I was slow on promo here but nice poster, huh? Sadly Sipreano was too injured to spin but Lorenz showed up and played some great stuff!(I didn't recognise most of it -one selection was Moon Gas by Dick Hyman) My playlist was: The Robert Tennison Troupe- My World Of Make Believe, side two of The Sunshine Bus, Joseph Geczy- Bananas, Earle Mankey- Mau Mau, David Seville- Camel Rock, Nichelle Nichols-Beyond Antares, Norman Merkel- Do It Today, Tom Tomson- Silent Night, P. Vert- Stickball, Peter Wyngarde- Rape, The Walker Brothers- The Electrician, Mimi Hetu- Maman, Ohio Express- Zig Zag, July Fourth Toilet- Menopause Rival, Raymond Scott- Little Miss Echo, Ralph Platt- The Birds Sing His Praise, Terry- Harvest Time, Love- Dream, The 18th Century Concepts- Have You seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows?, Wade Denning- Fun Sounds Of Christmas, Popeye- Help!Help! and I Had A Hamburger Dream, Lou Reed- the Bells, Nino Rota- La Dolce Vita, Theme From Rosemary's Baby, Sebastian Cabot- All I Really Wanna Do, Bonzo Dog Band- 11 Moustachioed Daughters, Baby Bones- Sticking Needles through Paper Doll Eyes, Phil Ochs- No More Songs, Happy Birthday Party songs (there were 2 birthdays in attendance), Robert Charlebois- Deux Femmes en or, Concept Commercials, Neil Hagerty- Some People Are Crazy, Bob Lind- I Just Let It take Me, Biff Rose- Angel tension, Alex Chilton- Liek Flies On Sherbert, Milan Kymlicka- Walking Girl, Tommy Roe- Moontalk, Buffy Sante-Marie- Not the Loving Kind, Rock Fantasy: Jack kass- Fantastic, The Four Seasons- The Night, Terece Trent Darby- This Side Of Love, Yma Sumac- Magenta Mountain, Moby Grape- Horse Out in the rain, Holy Modal Rounders- Rocky Road, Bobby Conn- Whores, Apollo 100- Hall of the Mountain King, Leonard Cohen- Death of a Ladies' Man, Telly Savalas- Rubberbands and Bits Of string, Walter Brennan- Moon Wanderer, Mystic Moods- Electric Music and the Summer People, Paul and Mary ritts- My Grandparents' attic, Tom Wilson- 1 AM, Harry Nilsson- Perfect Day...

I didn't know most of the crowd and a lot of them seemed very drunk which makes me wonder if I had turned anyone to these sounds, if it affected anyone, if there were much social power of music this time around...hmmmm.....