Yes, it's true at OCAD Library in TO on THURSDAY MARCH 5th, I will be selling my art booklets Y2K Compatible (maybe even unveil the brand new issue 3!!!!), as well as the July Fourth Toilet vinyl LP with art booklet, maybe an old 90s Bunyon mag and a Canned Hamm CD or two...and if you can't make it down and are wondering what those things are exactly, well, I'll post a link some other time soon...just bug me...
Funny bunny but this is the second recession themed art event i have been involved within the past month! And the new ish of Y2K Compatible isrecession themed and I need a job, an acting agent, a lit agent, a record label for lush rock album of my band Hallmark, a publisher for 3 book ideas, etc....

Here's what organizer alicia has to say:

Get your reading material for the upcoming collapse.

There will be zines, prints, small books, drawings, crafts, weird garbage probably, and other things you will want to spend your last dollars on

Don't miss out! One day only!!

Music by Jesjit Gill and Dylin North
and Snacks by me
so alot of people have been asking me why I am selling all the zines in the zine library?? I'm not actually liquidating anything, I just like the word LIQUIDATION because there's this store called LIQUIDATION WORLD that I like to go to. also I like urgent sales where the signs make it seem like you have to shop in a really big hurry because otherwise people might come and take everything away from you.

So I thought it would be like a good selling tactic to get people to come and buy zines BECAUSE there is going to be a lot of great things for sale.
LIKE, for example, POSTERS, and screenprinted books, original drawings, collages, comics, GOOD ZINES (not to be confused with bad zines) AND i'm going to make SPINACH PIE !!
(that last part was going to be a secret but it's time to get down to business)"