When I was 12 I took a Greyhound bus trip with family friend and Minister Dexter. He had conducted my parents wedding only a couple of years earlier and many years later conducted my Dad's funeral. A couple of months ago he conducted my brother Perry's wedding. It was there that he gave me back a sketch book full of my drawings: a sketch book that I had originally given him on that bus trip. I honestly have no memory of this sketchbook but it survived a few of Dexter's moves across Canada and he was thoughtful enough to give it back to me as a gift that shows where I was at then and where I am now. Drawing hands and feet are still a problem and many of the characters that I create today still don't really totally catch the zeitgeist. For example, The Burner, whose sole power is the ability to himself rather horrifically, he's remained in this sketchbook until now, ready for the world to see. Same with a rather pastoral unicorn scene just for all you fantasizing indie rockers.