Mid-projects here, never enuff time....on that trial basis for FEELINGS. Last Sunday was pretty marvelous: showed projections of The Letter with Bette Davis, God Monster Of Indian Flats, and the Japanese movie House. This 1977 film is only available via bootleg but it is so unique and mindblowing. It shattered all senses. Schoolgirls go to a crazy house. It has a very synthy happy soundtrack and lots of amazing camera set-ups and artificiality- much use of stop-motion, painted backdrops, and other effects. It is like candy, very sweet, intense candy. All the schoolgirls have names that correspond to their chief characteristics, ie. the girl named Kung fu. An hour in, the movie gets gory. A girl gets eaten by a piano. Disembodied body parts. Blood spew. Teen nudity. A white persian cat. See House.
I just found a curious 1970 magazine "Scanlan's" with an article about the San Francisco film scene. In particular, The Cockettes, as well as the director of God Monster Of Indian Flats: Frederic Hobbs. Lucas and Coppola are briefly mentioned as newbies but are not nearly the focus. At the time of this article, Fredric Hobbs hadn't yet made God Monster, a messy film that people describe as indescribable Grade Z but he very clearly knew what he was doing, a total artist. In one scene of this film the characters discuss embryos and birth then cut to: a close up of a hard boiled egg being cracked with a spoon. God Monster takes place in a frontier town and features a mutated sheep monster that may be the key to all creation but much of the film is focused on power and mining rights. It's a provocative film that ends in total carnage on top of the town dump. Hobbs eventually retired from film and turned to sculpture, I'd love to find his other films (Roseland, Alabama's Ghost) and interview him. Look at that amazing photo of Hobbs. WOW!
Also at FEELINGS I did 2 recitations. One was about feeling completely unfixed in landscape, how I truly do not feel like I have a 'home-city' and that beliefs in such can be dangerous anyways (look at all the energy I put into Vancouver). The other recitation was by request, it was about the white squirrel. I discussed how it is not really white, it's grey and does the colour of its' pelt really matter?
I played this music:
Stravinsky- Rite of Spring
Staff Carpenbourg and the Electric Corona- Fantastic Party
Terence Trent D'arby- It Feels So Good to Love Someone Like You
101 Strings with Bebe Bardon- Love At First Sight
Michel Polnareff- I Love You Because
Dionne Warwick- Don't Make Me Over
Glen Campbell- Highwayman
Jack Nitzche- Hanging Around
The Eight Seasons Of Chromalox
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory- The Wondrous Boat ride
Robin Gibb- Farmer Ferdinand Hudson
Bobby Conn- Without You
Joe Walsh- Inner tube/Theme From boat Weirdos/Life's Been Good
Phantom of the Paradise s/t- The Hell of It (by request)
Sweeney Todd- If Wishes were Horses
Mud- All I've Got To give
The Frogs- Persian Cat
Lewis Furey- The Sky Is falling
Phil Ochs- My Life
The 5th Dimension- Orange air
Jerry Toth- Last Tango in Paris
Frank Sinatra jr- Black Night
Telly Savalas- Something
John Phillips- April Ann
Hank- Exclusive Plot
Dolly Parton- Bargain Store
Skafish- Maybe One Time
Richard and Linda Thompson- Wall Of Death
The Fugs- The Garden is Open
Peggy Lee- Mary Jane
Leonard Cohen- Death of A Ladies Man
Chuck Barris- I Know A Child
The 4 seasons- The Night
Hugo Montenegro- Rocket Man
Unrest- London's theme
Thinking Fellers Union local 282- Hurricane
Butthole Surfers- Whirling Hall of knives
More Soul Sauce- Sabre dance
The Super Dupers- March Of Tarzan
Mondo Cane soundtrack
CroMagnon- Caledonia
Joe Hunter- Aloha
Marvelous Grace- Sitting at the feet of Jesus
Kathleen Yearwood- excerpt from "Opponent"
Mitchell Ayers- Number 7 theme
Rhonda Silver- Departure
Herman's Hermits- The World Is for The young
The Robert Tennison Troupe- my World Of make believe
Joseph Geczy- Falling leaves
Ginette Revel- Ou Irons Nous
Robie Porter- He Is not He
The Happy Moog- Re-entry to the Moon
Rodd Keith- Cloud Nine

This Sunday offers:
For this “fiery trial” of sensory exploration we would like to welcome D.J. Dorleac as a guest to our salon for the eve of Sunday July 19th. She has not DJed in over four years which will make for a barrage of pent-up vinyl emotions. Her extended set will hit a tense peak when her nicotine cravings set in. Her wry sensibility is imbued with a sense of honest warmth that emanates softly from deep within.

With DJ Body Beautiful, midnight recitation by moi, no cover, 61 Ossington Street
Trish Lavoie is DJ Dorleac
Once aptly described as "bourgeois without ambition", DJ Dorleac is a woman of quality tastes, varying degrees of talent, and a lot of charm (for when "talent" and "taste" don't pan out). In a pinch she will make you a pie or perform a puppet show, but at FEELINGS, she looks forward to soothing your troubled psyche with moog based compositions from the Space Age, bold soundtrack excursions and French ballads not likely to be heard in your nearest "bistro".