I been bad, so sorry, life was hectic, life is hectic and occasionally intense. I have not been near you Blog and there's so much I have to say, so much that I've been meaning to say.
In the meanwhile, I will be practicing the art of public speaking over the weekend.
I'm part of some Performance Galore at an event called STOP TALKING 2 which may be like LOOK WHO'S TALKING 2 but without the breeding. Friday, November 27, 9:30pm - 11:15pm at GOOD BLOOD BAD BLOOD, 13 KENSINGTON Avenue (Kensington Market). Thinking I may talk about My Dream Bar at this event...
"But Robert, you don't drink!"
"Ha ha, true and it's all a part of...My Dream Bar..."
I hope you haven't all heard it already....
Thennn the next nite, saturday November 28th, I'll be yammering at this:

House of Everlasting Super Joy presents a total transformation of our space bringing the demons and deities from our minds to our walls! But not only the walls! The floors! hanging like scurvy dawgs from the ceiling!

The idea is this, the wizards of today will use any media to cast their spells, to cultivate psychic energy. Part of the future wizards job is too expand the capacity for a room full of people to generate positive orgones, thus allowing the audience to feel freer, to think positively in the face of evil, to talk to that girl youve been noticing for a few weeks.


Alexandra Mackenzie

Neelam Kler
Dimitri Karakostas
movie prop installation by exploding motor car!!

JON MCurley
Robert Dayton
Alex Coleurs

Tarp Installation by Vanessa Bee Rieger AND David Hanes
There will be refreshments, NEW ORLEANS STYLE RICE AND BEANS!

Thennnn the next nite at FEELINGS it's a return to MOODS:
Before FEELINGS was MOODS with DJ Body beautiful and Sipreano.
Then DJ Body Beautiful's co-hort Sipreano left and it all changed...but this nite is a return to MOODS with a special post-recitation mini-set by Sip!
We start after bar trivia which ends between 9:30 and 10.
Sip will pop in laaaater. He has something to take care of first.
No cover but the cover of night. Sunday. the Ossington (61 Ossington).

Then Monday the 30th is UNVEILING!!! So excited about this:

Monday, Nov. 30, 2009, 10pm (don't be late as we are rarely very tardy)
The Ossington (61 Ossington Ave., Toronto)
Free admission
Followed by a soiree/party

"Unveiling #2"
Hosts Robert Dayton, Junior, and William A. Davison dramatically unveil the latest and never-before-seen (until this very eve) creation of artist Fiona Smyth, fresh from her intensely stunning show at the INDEXG Gallery (read review here: )

This is exciting as Fiona is a major seen and unseen influence on the current widespread drawing front. Fiona will also be selling the second issue of her art mag THE WILDING at this event!

Then they will be auctioning off this masterpiece with minimum bid starting at just 50 dollars !!! A low price for this amazing work by this important artist...

This will be followed by a soiree/party
ONE-NIGHT-ONLY! So if you want to bid and possibly attain this never-before-seen work by a great artist, you best attend! Even if you are broke like us, you do not want to miss this opportunity of UNVEILING....

"The Unveiling" is a new series of one-night-only soirees/exhibitions, held monthly (more or less) in the back room of The Ossington Bar, which playfully reinvent a romantic and antiquated concept - that of a single artist "unveiling" their latest creation for a gathering of colleagues, collectors, critics, and cultural elite. The series is organized and hosted by local artists/curators William A. Davison and Robert Dayton and presented as part of Intervention Mondays.

"It's largely an excuse to have a party once a month. We don't take anything too seriously and we fully recognize the potential for humor in this idea. We want to emphasize the fun factor." says spokesperson and series originator Davison. Indeed, for those who know the work of either Davison or Dayton, a humorous, subversive approach is not at all unexpected. "At the same time," Davison continues, "we have a deep respect for the work we will be presenting and we feel that this series will provide a highly unique, entertaining, and engaging way for some of our favorite artists to show their recent creations."

Fiona Smyth is a Toronto based artist exploring popular and alternative cultural icons and imagery. Smyth's work probes these timely societal, sometimes intense and always relevant topics with a sense of humour, wonder and catastrophic consequence. She also employs surrealist, abstractionist, spiritual, feminist and pro-sexual strategies to achieve her unique aesthetic. Her use of media also reflects this range of interest by using different formats from which to engage her audience including comics,
illustration, painting, animation, music covers, web-based art and her fabulous murals. Smyth has exhibited in Taichung /Taiwan, Venice/ Lido, Jeollabuk-Do/ South Korea, New York City, Winnipeg and most recently The Parkdale Gyre at INDEXG in Toronto.

For upcoming gigs check

And I have to try to get a grant written by Tuesday...oy vey....
How are you?