New The Canadian Romantic video

It’s been a while…lots happening that I don’t post here, hard to keep up…some great shows, hope to do more…trying to keep going apartment is uninhabitable and I have to move (imagine asking the landlord if the place was even weather proofed then finally getting the answer two months later: NO)…going out on great auditions…writing more Canadian Glam and getting yet another grant rejection (feel free to donate to ALSO a friend told me about the similarity to my character The Canadian Romantic in the new Trojan Man series of ads which I found out later were directed by Eric Wareheim (gosh, I haven’t heard from him in a while) who is more than familiar with my work. Check out this video, share away if you like. Thanks to the great Steve Moramarco for filming and editing and being a great help.

#thecanadianromantic #trojanman #canadianglam