Back from New York and Montreal launches

Hi everybody! I just got back from doing launches for The Empty Bed in Montreal at Monastiraki (5478 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal), a neat shop where you can purchase the book, and Spoonbill (99 Montrose) in Brooklyn, a great art book store where you can also purchase the book (it is also at Desert Island and at Printed Matter in New York City). Thanks to Monastiraki (Billy!) and Spoonbill (Jonas!) and Matthew Thurber and Brian Belott for performing too! The book can also be purchased on my Patreon and on my Etsy

If you want to review my book please drop me a line for a copy, I would love that.

I also made incredible headway on Canadian Glam in Montreal interviewing legends Polo of Danger, Nick of Mack, Lucien of Aut'Chose, Pierre of Aut'Chose and Eclipse as well as Angelo Finaldi!

My futile efforts with getting funding from the Canadian grant system are known (I just had another rejection letter for Canadian Glam -a Canadian historical book project that deals with music, fashion, gender play and pushing boundaries by someone who has been making quality work for years- the day before I left on my trip) so your support on Patreon (see above) helps me to develop these projects. Gonna keep a going!