Comics Without Words opening Thursday September 15th/ Diaper Cake Journal

Oh hello, 

It's been a while since I have posted because nothing much good has happened. Ha ha ha! Okay okay, I probably neglected to inform you of a couple of things. What of it? However I am excited to be  part of a group show entitled Comics Without Words opening Thursday evening, September 15th, 2016 at Weird Things (998 Bathurst Street). Honestly I don't know how long the show is up for. A couple of weeks? Dascription: "Wordless narratives by Ginette Lapalme Ted Gudlat, H. Yitzchaq, Sylvia Munson, Scott Carruthers, Tanya Read and Robert Dayton"

Oh, and this is new, issue one of The Diaper Cake Journal....Troubling first issue all dedicated to the loathsome trend known as diaper cakes. 16 pages risograph printed at Colour Code. Shit brown ink on piss yellow paper (with a touch of toilet mint green). Unpleasant. Available here: