This Friday December 30th I will be part of a Leonard Cohen tribute happening at The Smiling Buddha (961 College, Toronto). One song is one that I have been wanting to do for a decade -can you guess it? I'll be accompanied by the truly great players Chris Cummings, my NEW HORIZZZONS bandmate Craig Daniels .... info: "Sincerely, L. Cohen ~ A Tribute Featuring performances by — Benjamin & Seb of The Holy Gasp, Zach Bines of Weaves, Robert Dayton (The Canadian Romantic), Craig Daniels, Marker Starling, Viktoria & Harley of Meanwood, Martian Crisis Unit, David Felton, Daniela Gassi, Stan Simon, Dylan Gamble, Fresh Flesh & hosted by yours truly, Rogue Tenant"

Then New Years Eve I'll be doing ballpoint pen tattoos in Kitchener at the legendary Wolper Hotel (oooh, the hotelcontains Canada's oldest tobacconist so I'll be grabbing a couple cigars) for a big party on their wooden dance floor, more info here:


I feel negligent for not sharing other news in a timely manner. I had performed as Jack Frost three times these past couple of weeks. Once was as host fora free community screening of Gremlins at The Revue Cinema with a Bing and Bowie puppet show and wild spandex dance performance by House ofHot Breath who recently moved to Canada from England. I leaped out from behind the screen after a special Ub Iwerks' Jack Frost cartoon from the 1930's played. I think I captured the cartoon character! I also hosted karaoke at The Beaver and performed a 'school assembly' style presentation on the dangers of eating tinsel at Laugh Sabbath.