Roctober UK Points Gray review....

I have a huge Sweet daddy Siki (wrestler/country artist) interview in the new Roctober and you can even see him hanging out on the cover with Neil Hamburger, Tiny Tim and the Chipmunks (I also wrote some Chipmunks updates). As well July Fourth Toilet/Points Gray bandmate Julian Lawrence has a comic about getting turned on to K-Tel's Nutty Numbers. From the description: "A massive issue from Roctober this time around – filled with a wealth of information on unusual novelty and comedy records – plus lots of other odd vinyl too! There's a huge amount of interviews here – with Jimmy Lynch The Funky Tram, Mr Lee, Neil Hamburger, Dave Alvin, Dr Demento, The 1985 Chicago Beras, Rappin Duke, and others – plus bits on Richard Pyror, Pedro Bell, Brother Dave Gardner, Andy Kaufman, and Jack White's Third Man Records – plus a massive stand up records discography, and loads lots more! Massive reviews and other bits too – and easily the best musical bang for your magazine buck."
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UK site Terrascope ran an interesting review of The Points Gray LP (available here: or at good stores in Vancouver, Toronto and more). Here's the review:

originally recorded in 1999 but not released until now “off Shore” by Vancouver based Points Gray, although they played live as AIDS, has an undeniable power in its lo-fi Folk Noire ramblings. A voice all its own that will either enthral you or grate with you, I can't imagine much in between. Personally, it has a taken a couple of plays before my ear tuned in, but I am glad it did, as songs such “Echo Power” and “People  Hate You In This Town” contain the same sardonic lyricism as The Velvets whilst being oddly constructed in a Syd Barrett, Skip Spence kinda way. Featuring future members of Wet Dirt, July 4th Toilet, and The New pornographers, the music is acoustic, reasonably free-form and is more uneasy than easy listening, although there are hidden depths to be discovered, pockets of beauty and a strange sense of stillness at its core. Limited to 300 copies, with a hand-drawn lyric booklet plenty of information on the cover, this is an excellent package that preserves a little slice of musical history.