But Seriously

Funny how I got on that last train. Set off in that mode. "Dear Diary, I hate the world!"
Last night, after my last post,  I came across this line:
"Don't take yourself too damn seriously."

Of course, of course! A ha!
Ha ha! I was going to take this city less seriously but forgot about myself!

As to my previous post I thought I could have gone two ways at that point (oooh melodrama). I could have done what many people do here: get guarded. Put up walls. To me, that's giving in. And destroying all the painful but important self-work that I have done to sandblast away that isolation in me, I've realised things and had to make changes, communicate and grow. I've moved in the opposite direction.
So, it's the other option. Not take it all so seriously.
Insert joke here.

This blog has been very face value of late.

But don't worry, no jacket's required!

And maybe some people should eat shit. Oh wait, Phil Collins doesn't have an album called "Eat Shit."