Poem that I read the other night:

We'll have to turn it on for you
The Parktown Hotel
Room 206
Pool across the hall
The lifeguard lifts the lid
She leaves me be
Jacuzzi time
The gusts go high
A force controlled by her
Warm jets too strong to tickle
In my hot pepper print speedo
No fluids flow from me
Just smooth
mechanical bursts
timed and spraying
over the sides
Through the window
Snowy landscape
45 below
So long ago
Not so long ago
Our passion in a hot tub
Until things went sideways
When what was entangled
Were my allergies and isolation
Things went sideways
We started having sex sideways
Because it was 'easier'
I just made amends
The sex was mostly good, wasn't it?
There was passion
The jacuzzi reminds me
There was sideways
The jacuzzi reminds me
Noted, amended
The force of the gusts and the jets
Never forget