Great July Fourth Toilet review "White Album"

Well, it's slow having people realise that July Fourth Toilet are the wildest and most unpredictable Canadian band of all time!!!! (and I say this with modesty)

Review by Amy Lam from the new issue (#4) of Offerings (great paper available free around Toronto) of our White Album (PWYC from our bandcamp page):

“This is July Fourth Toilet making their way through the Beatles White Album. I did a song by song comparison and I think that about 50% July Fourth Toilet are better and 50% Beatles are better. I like the Beatles’ “Savoy Truffle” better. The Beatles are more straightforward about going to the dentist if you eat too many chocolates, which makes it actually more insane. July Fourth Toilet’s “Honey Pie” is someone asking “can we do a song off Rumours instead.” and they do, so it’s better NOT ONLY by virtue of concept. “Goodnight” by both bands is a tie in terms of whether or not you can actually listen to it while trying to relax in your bed. “Martha my Dear” by July Fourth Toilet is them playing the Beatles song at 3x speed on a record player. When iTunes 26 comes out you will be able to play July Fourth Toilet’s “My Guitar Gently Weeps” and hear the Beatles’ version. July Fourth Toilet are the best band in all of history and if you don’t like the Beatles you’re an idiot.”