I perform as part of Feint of Hart again this Thursday, so good, it's free and it inventively mixes comedy with music and multimedia and costumes and more, yes yes. So nice to be asked to be a part. This is part four but no matter, just go enjoy the continuing story of an all male Naval academy's regular talent show...
In the Arbor Room, Hart House, University of Toronto

I'd blog more when I was aching and breaking open spilling guts, things go awry.
And now?
I feel fine.
I feel just fine.
Shouldn't I blog then? Or is this just a platform to complain, not praise. Oh exalted!
Someone added me as a friend. They had some sort of piercing that marked them as a self-described individual in broad brushstrokes. It kept me from blogging. The act of blogging felt so inflated and self-important. Get out of myself.