"FOR THE LADIES" up now at Hunter and Cook site

In my recent moods I've been wondering about my life, it just gets darker and darker, has anything been furthered on my move to Toronto? I did say that I'd evaluate after two years. So I evaluate and get depressed. I go see a doctor. It's one of those doctors that believes in natural cures. He suggests to me, "Why don't you see this great clown that some rather 'in-the-know' friends have been telling me about? He will surely lift your spirits. His name is Robert Dayton." I yell at him, "Who you calling a clown, you quack!!!"

Anyways, Hunter and Cook Magazine has a BRAND new website:

They've featured six of ten examples from my "For The Ladies" series of art works.
Click here to see!

Yes, THE WORK IS FOR SALE, talk to me.
And, of course, the new ish features the first in-person in-depth interview with the force known as Tonetta that I did and wow...