The Return Of FEELINGS to Toronto...with prizes: Thurs, Aug 26

Nice to be doing this again...
The Ossington, 61 Ossington, 9 pm to laterish
With D.J. Body Beautiful and a midnight candlelight night recitation by Robert Dayton, Junior
NO LONGER EVERY WEEK! NO ONE KNOWS WHEN WE'LL STRIKE AGAIN! September? No, I'm busy exploring other cultures (ie. performing in L.A.) giving lavender to the needy that month.
So come to this Thursday, August 26th....we have everything to give and nothing to lose because we've lost everything.
We have been asked to return from our sojourn.... We are rested. During this time of reflecting upon our time of reflection called FEELINGS.
Have you experienced loss?
We are your gain.

(our new sponsor EYESORE CINEMA has provided us with PRIIIZES!!!! and projections (astral)).

I do this for you, there is nothing else like this, the mood of the room is shaped by what I provide, I am so honed like a beam of light that the Midnight Candlelight Recitation will be intensely fashioned and crafted going to` places unexpected. I will make love to you with my voice and soul and musical selections, I don't care who you are, NO COVER but the cover of night.
Your life energies need us, this is a nice city but a tad stiff, it needs a massage, my hands can do that, lower, lower, lower, lower....
My Midnight Candlelight recitation is always a hit with the people! What are recitations? Intense spoken reflections of the soul in a romantic manner. We are here to help you get through this mortal life. Have a request? I will fulfill you in a voice that has been trained and honed from the deepest core of my being. Close your eyes? Is this a record? No, it's me talking to you right now, there'll be records after. And before.

Bask in them....

With DJ Body Beautiful plus guests

FEELINGS is a special night where we spin music that you probably won’t normally hear. A boutique mix of :
With a midnight candlelight night recitation by Robert Dayton, Junior

This will be ...special.

To Hurting People

Since we are struggling with pain, even at this moment, we have first hand knowledge of what it is like to experience the silence of God. Sometimes the immense loneliness of pain-whether physical, mental or emotional-is completely overwhelming!
As you listen to us spin, let the music wash over your brokenness as great healing waves of God’s merciful love until you hear the music once again.

From our hearts to yours,
D.J. Body Beautiful...and our new special friend -----Eyesore Cinema