It has been another eventful week. The Nilsson tribute was a blast, met up with Henri Faberge on the day of, met sweet musicians Dana and Morgan for the first time, and we blasted through it in rehearsal. Show ready! It felt great to rock out on those songs! I miss rockin' out, it's been a few months. How can one just pick two Nilsson songs to sing? We chose "I Never thought I'd Get So Lonely" and "You're Breakin' My Heart." I pulled out my VHS copy of Nilsson and Terry Southern's ill-fated collaboration that Rip Torn directed "The Telephone."It was obvious that everyone there truly loved Nilsson, lots of great covers, Ron Sexsmith played as well as a surprise guest.
I also got briefly name-checked by one of my favourite directors Guy Maddin on a Toronto blog. Man, I been a fan of his since I was a teeny bopper. He directed Frank Gorshin, who also starred in Skidoo, a movie that Nilsson did the soundtrack to!
I also had some good ice cream, sang karaoke at a co-worker's birthday, and found issue two of Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer by CC Beck and Otto Binder! !!!!!!! I'd been looking for this comic book for over ten years! I've written about Fatman twice. Obesessed. Only three issues were ever made, my copy of number one is dog eared from numerous readings and you can find out more about this unusual comic here I purchased it and a reprint of Rainbow Batman (why can't Batman be as good as he was in the 50s and early 60s? Such slick cartoony Dick Sprang art and wonderfully absurd stories) from m'man Keith Jones, who has a new book coming out, check it and see.
The past few days have also had some lows, blunders, inadvertently hurting people's feelings without wanting to, etcetera. I really just want to stay home and recharge. But I can't. I can't. I am sitting at a table at TCAF in The Small Press Schooner Room on Saturday May 8th, at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge from 9-5pm along with:
Adrienne Kammerer
Jesjit Gill
Amanda Sampson
Alicia Nauta
Brian Evinou
Alex Mackenzie
Laura Mccoy
Reid Jenkins
Jacob Horwood
Andrew Baily
Peter Kalyniuk
Kyp Harness
Mark Connery
The Schooner Room is located on the second floor of the reference library.
And if you look at the TCAF link you'll see just how exciting it looks this year (like the previous ones weren't, ha!). Jim Woodring's going to be there! Jim Woodring! Man, I used to write him fan letters as a teen. And he wrote back with the most amazing advice, I still have those letters, man, that guy is an inspiration! I believe that I've gone on about how important he is to me before.
The great Fiona Smyth is also unveiling issue 2 of her compilation comic "The Wilding" at TCAF. Here's a sneak peek of my pic for it:

As well, the upcoming "PRISON FOR BITCHES" Lady Gaga fanzine edited by Michael Deforge and Ryan Sands will make its' debut, here's my comic: