Are the following reasons....or excuses? If they are excuses, are they for the shipper or receiver?

You aim too high. You need to lower your standards. Vancouver doesn't have a lot of options. You moved to Toronto during a recession. No one's buying art right now. Agencies are wondering if they're going to have to drop talent, let alone sign talent. The music (or any other appropriate) industry is dying. If only you guys had released it five years later. If only you guys had released it two years ago. It's too funny. Is it funny? It's funny, right? I don't get it (what's not to get?) Canada wants a more safe, banal version of an American funny (or of any) thing and the one exception, The Kids In The Hall, are all filled up as of twenty years ago. Is there a market for this? Have you ever tried doing this yourself? No one's paying writers. No one's paying for content.

The list goes on...