Going through my files for a project and found some gems from the past!
This first one is a drawing of Canned Hamm made by Jason Mclean and Marcel Dzama

Here we have a rare moment of Big Hamm and myself backstage before a Canned Hamm show, we truly look like old vaudeville comedians here.

This is us way after a show with The World Provider at an odd late nite Montreal bar, apparently I was singing "Iron man, Iron man, na na na na na iron man..."

Here's me experimenting with moustache length with Pro Hamm AKA Pete Mills, who was responsible for the production on the Canned Hamm albums, with the first album he understood our love of 70s Beach Boys but also added auto-tune as a special effect (this was back in 2000) keeping it forward thinking, and he made our dance-pop album sound much bigger than it was in terms of budget. He's currently producing and making music in LA . Him and Big Hamm are so insanely musically talented, real 'can-do' fellas.

Olllld pic, just pre-moustache, very early 90s with roomie Julian possibly before we formed July Fourth Toilet, Julian's another talented egg, verrrry versatile musician (you'd have to be to play in July Fourth Toilet who'd change styles at whim)/cartoonist/record collector.

From July Fourth Toilet's tenth anniversary show, Jasmine played the Lady Byrd and I was Bernie Byrd from our live rendition of K-Tel's Rock Fantasy LP: