Golllleeeee, it is a busy week here in Chez Dayton! Got the big ole art show opening this Friday (see previous post), doing some comedy at Jamie's area on Thursday nite, annnnnd..... this Wednesday the brand new rock band that I am in- WET DIRT- plays its' first show! WET DIRT is an apt name, a four piece consisting of me, Robin Fry (of Miniature Pancakes Band and Rosacea, who designed the snazzy poster shown here), Tobey Black (MAOW, The Gay), and Simon McNally. We've really enjoyed making rock songs, and they are rock songs, hard rock in a sort of classick eccentric Brit festival rock way yet more contempo and noisy with just enough roll added to make it curdle. This bill should be verrry interesting in the best possible sense: dyke metal of HEAVY FILTH, early Soft Machine styled instrumental prog of THE BATTLESHIP, ETHEL and the totally relentless classic black metal n make up sound of WARLOCK MOON.
Just 5 bux.