Why hello!

Come in, come in! Pull up a chair! Sit a spell or two....I've just chilled some Mountain dew for you, have a goblet full. Sit closer, i want to whisper in your nostrils....

I truly feel that as time goes on I feel less special, less 'cult of the individual' as it were, this is not necessarily a bad thing, We Are All Water (from different rivers) to quote a Yoko, Ono, Deus, Treize! Let's relate (real estate) to each other.

I used to 'zine' quite a bit in Ye olde 90s (if you can remember the 90s, you weren't there, mannnnnn) and the zines were usually about me, it even said on the masthead "500 Horse Power Ego Charged Zine!" I had an obsession with the non-fixed malleability of the autobiographical format and the persona bleed that can happen in one's own name, experiments were conducted, nervous breakdowns were faked.
Zines and newsprint fade.

We now live in a culture of narcissism, anyone with a camera and web access can be a 'party photographer' (please affix an animal of some sort to your party blog name).

And what'd did I just go and do?
Why I started a blatantly self-promotional blog!!!!!!!!!!!!Me me me me me me me meme meme! meee, me me me meme me me.

Enough of that. How was your day?