Robert Dayton's art and/or writing have appeared in the books Lost in The Grooves: Scram’s Capricious Guide To The Music You Missed (Routledge), Cinema Sewer (Fab), Kid Power (Spectacular Optical), Ink Studs (Conundrum), Fantasy art (Swimmers Group) as well as The Onion, long running music magazine Roctober, Paper Rodeo, Broken Pencil, CBC Radio, international noise magazine Bananafish and a long running culture column for Vancouver free weekly Terminal City and numerous other spots gone, went, here, there and to come. In 1999 he co-created, co-edited and wrote a whole bunch for the fun cultural newspaper The Drippy Gazette.

The Canadian Romantic, his pen-and-ink art book, was published by PITT Projects and he is working on a pen-and-ink break-up book entitled The Empty Bed. Robert is also currently working on a non-fiction book.

In 2013 he won a National Magazine Award for Pagelicker, a lit author interview video series on Hazlitt (Random House). He spent the prize money on candy.
Robert received his Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Waterloo in 2015.

Robert writes most of the lyrics for his musical acts NEW HORIZZZONS, song-and-dance duo Canned Hamm, Canada's wildest and most unpredictable musical act ever July Fourth Toilet, Wet Dirt, and downer folk damage group Points Gray: all of which have wildly different albums that you should seek out.

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