Hi folks, here's some bits from Herbie #3 that- to my knowledge-have never before been reprinted. For shame! I've elaborated earlier on my total love for Herbie. If you get a chance to read the full length Herbie adventures, do it! It's a must! Cheapo comic and expensive book reprints abound.

I showed these to a gal recently who was pleasantly shocked that such a thing was made. Yes! I know! It's real! It's a real comic book! The best thing about the Herbie letter columns is that Herbie would answer the letters himself! Which means that not only does the Herbie comic exist in our reality but Herbie does, too! "Editor wanted to run this Department with a lot of fancy talk. Had to bop him and take over." Have you ever read a better letter column? Why, it's up there with Abel Ferrera's commentary track for The Driller Killer DVD.

And then there's writer Shayne O'Shea and artist Ogden Whitney's never-talked-about character Nellie No-Date: one note? One page. More sad than funny. She's lonely? Get it? Ha ha ha! Lonely! Are you lonely? Really? Ha ha ha! That's funny! Everyone's lonely! It's so funny! Let's update her for a present day comic adventure where she goes online dating and gets set up with -are you ready for this final panel- a computer! And the computer says- still with me?- , "Does not compute...does not compute." Nellie's left with her hand on her face saying, "Oh dear." Ha ha ha!
Now you might remember Miracle Pictures from that Kitchy Witch adventure I posted from Herbie #2. Well, those Miracle Pictures guys are pricks, they hate women- boycott their movies, picket their studios- actually, Kitchy Witch and her gang did just that but it didn't seem to work, if you have any better ideas, leave a comment, lately I have mentioned to many folks that women seem under-represented in the arts, if you have a solution for that, please comment, I did the whole PC gender studies art school trip in the 90s and I thought things'd be kinda evened out by now-Hello? Gorilla Girls?-but I am totally wrong. What I'm trying to say is that I totally hate Miracle Studios and what they represent!