"In Flanders Field I Fucked You Blind"
"After Stephen Harper Was Executed A Prime Minister was Fairly Elected Then Another Prime Minister Composed Of Solid Vapour Took the Country To Space Through Higher Consciousness And Mutual Orgasm"
To Everyone I've Ever Fucked (detail)
Installation view 1
Installation view 2
"I Don't Have All The Answers"
Milk Swaddle
No Borders
"Boom" detail
Support  performance still and performance area with life-size photo
Cherry Cold Cream
To Everyone I've Fucked
"Leave" and "This Is Where You Were Borne"
"Many Moons"
"The Canadian Romantic- Flag" installation view
"Hot Space (Lunch)"
"Won't You Sign The Guest Book"
"Won't You Sign The Guest Book" interior
Installation view
 framed and in Gordon Hatt’s home
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